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tax consultants, auditors & lawyers

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Use Cases

Sign tax returns online

Increase your customer satisfaction by making tax returns available to your clients electronically. They can then read through the documents in the comfort of their own homes and sign them online.

Signing annual audit engagements electronically

Orders for the annual audit can be digitally managed, signed and archived with inSign. This significantly shortens process times and protects the environment.

Sign mandate agreements electronically on-site

No longer print out documents for signature when you have an on-site meeting with your clients. You can show the documents to the client on a tablet and have them sign directly.

Digital signature for everyday documents

Electronic signature mobile phone
As tax consultant, auditor or lawyer you are certainly familiar with the large amounts of paper that inevitably result from all required signatures. Nowadays, documents are often scanned after they have been signed and the originals are disposed of. This is not only a waste of paper but also a systematic destruction of evidence. In the event of a dispute, scanned signatures are very limited as proof of declarations of intent. It is important one complies with existing data protection regulations as these are essential for such sensitive professions.

The most important advantages and features:

  • Different signature methods possible in one document
  • Data protection “Made in Germany”
  • Automatically generated audit report
  • Sign anytime, anywhere
  • Create templates and manage documents
  • Automatic notifications and reminders
  • Reduce processing times
  • Work environmentally friendly
  • Save time, money and resources
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Customer report

Seidel Runtemund + Partner
Dr. Volker Runtemund is a tax advisor, lawyer and tax law specialist. Since 2020, his company has been signing electronically using inSign for all their signature processes. He mostly uses our software for tax return, as in recent years these have to be transmitted electronically to the tax office anyway. Read more about SEIDEL RUNTEMUND + PARTNER…
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