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Sign your employment contracts electronically

Employment contracts do not have to be sent by post or signed on site. The e-signature solution inSign allows you to sign anytime and anywhere. This is especially useful for remote work tenders throughout Germany.

Staff leasing contracts and QES

Staff leasing contracts are signed quickly and easily with the qualified electronic signature (QES) (§ 126 (b) BGB). inSign offers a variety of identification procedures.

A selection of documents that can be signed with inSign

Electronic signature mobile phone
In recent years jobs which can be carried out from anywhere have been advertised with increasing frequency. This resulted in sending the best part of employment contracts by post. Obtaining signatures used to take a very long time. With inSign, all customary documents can be signed electronically. The average processing time is thereby substantially reduced.

The most important advantages and features:

  • Software Made & Hosted in Germany
  • Signature types according to eIDAS
  • Different identification processes for the qualified signature
  • Suitable for any PDF documents
  • High standards in data protection
  • 100% legally compliant
  • Significantly speeds up the process
  • Reduced return rates
  • Saves resources
  • Protects the environment
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