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inSign GmbH is an IT service provider based in Marzling near Freising. It was created by splitting off the inSign business unit from iS2 AG in 2022 into an own GmbH with 30 employees. The owner is BSI Business Systems Integration Deutschland GmbH.
BSI Software is a leading Swiss software manufacturer for CRM and marketing automation, founded in 1996. Digitalization and customer centricity are the company’s focus.

Origin & development of inSign


As a result of an internal research project of iS2, the product inSign emerged in 2011.


inSign was awarded the Service Innovation Prize by Service-Rating GmbH.


Initially, signatures could be placed synchronously during a conversation, for example. Since 2014, asynchronous processing and signing by participants has also been possible.


In 2015, the electronic signature solution received many additional functionalities, such as the choice between signing via app or web browser.


For a long time, inSign was only available as an enterprise solution for large companies and corporations. Since 2018, the cloud solution “inSign smart business” for small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as self-employed persons and freelancers is also available.


In 2020, the product variant “inSign smart business” was renamed to “inSign 365” in connection with an online shop. Furthermore, a new product variant “inSign connect” was launched, which enables easy integration into existing systems.
In the same year, inSign received the BITMI certification “Software Made and hosted in Germany”. Likewise, in 2020 iS2 AG as a whole went through the information security certification “VdS 10000”.


The certificate-based qualified signature according to eIDAS is now also directly available. The desired signature type can be specified separately for each signature field.


At the end of 2022 inSign GmbH was founded and detached from iS2 Intelligent Solution Services AG. The new owner is BSI Business Systems Integration Deutschland GmbH.


The new “inSign seal” product package was launched in 2023. inSign now offers not only an electronic signature solution, but also a seal service that is independent of the signature solution.

The managing directors

Martin und Adrian
Martin Hierhager (left) and Adrian Bucher (right)

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inSign electronic signature made in Germany
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High standards in data protection
Signature verifiability
eIDAS-compliant and TÜV-certifiied
In accordance with ZertES
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