inSign connect & enterprise
Your individual e-signature system

You would like a electronic signature solution with maximum degrees of freedom...

integrated or standalone

many customization options

SaaS or On-Premises

Control inSign via API and integrate signature functionalities into your environment. Individualize design, texts, functionalities, workflows etc. – just as you like it.

Two different solutionsfor the integration of inSign

inSign connect

SaaS integration licence with API control for integration into software or websites

inSign enterprise

With unlimited possibilities - on a dedicated, individual system

To try out for developers

A public inSign sandbox including documentation and code samples can be found on GitHub.

inSign connect & enterprise in comparison

inSign connectinSign enterprise
Signature typesName input (AES) included
Handwriting (AES) included
QES against surcharge
Name input (AES) included
Handwriting (AES) included
QES against surcharge
Manual Usage
for individual users via web login
Control via API
for integration into software, web portals, CRM, archiving system etc.
design, texts, functions etc.
Technical Operation
Hosting of the software instance
(SaaS operation in public Cloud)
(On-Premises or SaaS operation in private cloud*)
e.g. for the delivery of signature processes as an email alternative
(own provider, or provided by inSign)*
for the encryption and decryption of biometric signature data
(private key at a German notary)
(own key pair, or notary service by inSign)*

On-Premises or SaaS...

On-Premises is an installation on your own server. You are responsible for the operation yourself. You have unlimited control over your system and the use of inSign. Updates and maintenance work are your responsibility.
With SaaS, inSign is responsible for the operation. The application runs on a cloud on a server in a German data centre of a German company. Of course, the e-signature software is maintained and regularly updated by us.

Worry-free SaaS operation of your inSign instance

inSign Speed Tachometer
Fast delivery of your inSign instance?
inSign Sicherheit Schild
Trusted stability and high security levels?
inSign Komplettservice Box Check
Lower overall costs allowing to focus resources on other projects?
Then choose the inSign SaaS hosting and service package!
These are the key benefits:

Secure data center

Attractive additional services

Fast & Reliable

Talk to us about your expectations!