Digitalize your
signature processes

The classic inSign process in six steps


  • Upload document
    or transfer it to the interface (API)
  • Add form fields by drag and drop

signature field

  • Share document with people
    at different locations
  • Send link for editing and signature

Request signature
Fill in

  • Mandatory fields reduce number of returned forms

Mandatory field

  • Depending on the signature type, sign digitally via keyboard (AES), touch device (AES) or PIN/TAN (QES)
  • No additional software or hardware required

handwritten signature

  • Clear document management
  • Open, download, delete processes

Manage process

  • Search / filter for processes
  • Download / delete processes

Archive documents

inSign from a signatory's perspective

Electronic signature
by handwriting

The following video shows the process from the signatory’s perspective for a handwritten signature.

Note: This video is currently only available in German.
Handschriftliche Signatur
Play Video

Electronic signature
by name input via keyboard

The following video shows the process from the signatory’s perspective for a keyboard signature.

Note: This video is currently only available in German.
Unterschrift per Tastatur
Play Video about Unterschrift per Tastatur

Using the example of the handwritten signature:

Digital signature – at any time and place, in any medium


Same place – same time

Face to face
Sign documents there and then
on any touch-sensitive device (smartphone or similar)

Different place – different time

Signature request
Share documents so that they can be processed
and signed by customers

Different place – same time

Online meeting
Process digital documents
and sign them electronically at any location


Online self-service for end users
Fill in forms and sign them

Our customers rely on inSign Made in Germany
Christian BichelProject Manager
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The flexible application possibilities of inSign inspire us.
Christian GeierCEO
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Satisfaction amongst users is really enormous.
Tillmann RunkelSoftware Architect
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The integration was child's play with the great documentation and the conclusive Rest-API.
Marco BierbauerSales manager
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Out of all digital signature software, I find inSign by far the best and easiest to use.
Simon SantlInsurance specialist
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I am very happy with the programme.
Roland BonimeierHead of Sales
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With inSign you have created an excellent tool, I am absolutely convinced by it.
Andreas ReddemannBroker
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Not many things excite me but your tool did. Brilliant.
Susann VogelFinancial advisor
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It works well and our clients are really happy. Such a good idea and simple implementation.
Dr. Volker RuntemundTax consultant, legal and specialist lawyer
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I am very satisfied with the electronic signature solution inSign as all processes get completed a lot faster now.
David LixlTreasury Manager
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We have seen a significant reduction in processing times.
Jan GurycaData protection officer, insurance salesman
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I enjoy working with inSign and would not want to miss this process. I would recommend inSign to anyone.
Stefan LettmeierManaging Board
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When I experienced inSign for the first time, I quickly realized that this could be the final building block in our processes for opening current and share deposit accounts.
Sylvia SchöllerOffice Manager / Sales Assistant
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Especially in this day and age, inSign is a huge asset both for our customers as well as ourselves. The client feels well looked after without putting in any extra work. inSign is easy to handle and for us, too, there are only benefits including enormous time savings.
Anika LaubnerForeman of horse business
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Your system is awesome and has saved me plenty of work. I would happily recommend you.
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