Electronic seal
as proof of data origin and integrity

Document seals – an important element of trust

Document seal
A long time ago important messages and documents were sealed with candle wax to guarantee the integrity of the document’s content and its author’s identity. Today these functions are taken over by electronic seals which are created quickly and easily in digital form.

What is an electronic seal?

An electronic seal is a digital version of a traditional seal that guarantees the authenticity, integrity and origin of electronic documents or data. A digital certificate issued to the sealing company is required for the creation of an electronic seal.

How do you create an electronic seal?

The basic requirement for creating an electronic seal is a digital certificate. This is issued by a Trust Service Provider (TSP) in the name of your company. The actual sealing process takes place by means of a corresponding inSign REST-API interface.

In the finished document, the company seal is displayed as a blue bar above the document in Adobe Reader. This means that both the publisher and the integrity of the document can be recognised at a glance.
Invoice with seal
Protected original document – with seal
fake document
Fake document – seal missing, account number manipulated

Good reasons for using a company seal

  • The seal guarantees the integrity of your documents.
  • The seal provides your company documents with a digital proof of origin.
  • Document recipients can immediately recognise the integrity thanks to the seal.
  • Your customers/contract partners are protected against fraud caused by forged documents.

Do you need a digital sealing solution for your company documents?

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Difference: company seal and digital signature

With inSign, you can not only sign electronically in a legally secure manner, but also add a seal to your company documents.

While a personal signature is generated using an electronic signature, the company seal stands for the legal entity, i.e. your company or organisation.

Document sealing as mass processing

Many companies are faced with the challenge of sending hundreds of thousands of documents every day and at the same time protecting them from manipulation. A classic example is a PDF invoice to a customer. With the inSign seal service, you can easily seal documents automatically via a REST API interface.

The inSign seal service supports advanced and qualified certificates according to eIDAS. These seals are issued by a TSP (Trust Service Provider). We are happy to help you in your search for a suitable trust service provider.

The inSign company seal fulfils all eIDAS requirements

Seal certificate

Your advantages with inSign

Advanced and qualified electronic seals according to eIDAS
in the selection of a trust service provider
API control:
Sealing documents as mass processing
Data protection: German company with servers in Germany
4,8/5 - Capterra
ISAE 3402 Type 2

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