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inSign 365: The all-round carefree package

With inSign 365, you digitise the signature processes in your company and free yourself from more time-consuming paper processes.
The special feature of inSign 365: The web application can be used immediately and without integration effort in everyday work and thus does not tie up internal resources.
At the same time, the software serves the entire digital process – from the preparation of the document, to the signature, to the secure electronic archiving on German servers.
Our customers appreciate the fact that inSign is uncomplicated to use and at the same time legally compliant. The signature software offers free first-level support, a signature flat rate according to the fair use policy and an integrated digital archive at no additional cost.

integration effort

legally compliant

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How inSign 365 is used in practice

inSign 365 offers customers from different industries and departments an enormous relief in their everyday work.

Internally, the software is used for matters such as expense reports or approvals. It makes no difference whether colleagues work in a home office or on site. Everyone can sign documents quickly and legally via a touch-enabled device such as a smartphone.

In customer communication, both in B2B and B2C, there are hardly any limits to its use. Some test inSign first with a specific process, others have already digitised all contractual matters.

What our 365 customers say

Through valuable contact and exchange, inSign 365 is constantly being developed and improved. Let our customer reports inspire you.
Here are a few excerpts of how the advantages and possibilities of inSign 365 facilitate the daily work of our customers:
Pole Dance Marktführer Dance Moves by Lis
Dance Moves by Lis have been convinced inSign users for years. What do you particularly appreciate in its use?

“The ease of use and the effectiveness. We now get 90% to 95% of our contracts back within a few minutes/hours and minimise the reminder effort.

For us, inSign is
  • effective
  • smart
  • environmentally friendly”
The outpatient care service simCura Service GmbH has already been able to digitise many tedious paper processes with inSign. What was particularly important to them when choosing a provider for electronic signatures?

“The decisive factors for inSign were hosting in Germany and DSGVO compliance. I [Moritz Ruffing, Managing Director] couldn’t find the first point in particular with any other provider during my research.”
simCura: Digital signature in outpatient care services
Einblicke in die tägliche Arbeit im Autohaus Pohlmann
Electronic signatures have been used at the Pohlmann car dealership since 2021.

“The tool is self-explanatory and was ready to use for us very quickly. We use inSign for all contractual matters, such as:
  • Vehicle orders
  • Leasing
  • Financing
  • Right of withdrawal
  • Confirmation of the general terms and conditions”

FAQs about the inSign 365 licence model

inSign 365 is suitable for all companies for which fast, legally secure and uncomplicated deployment without integration into the existing infrastructure is crucial.
inSign 365 costs €24.90 per month for a single licence. You receive an attractive volume discount starting with as few as 2 licences. Visit our pricing page for more information and to register for the inSign trial period free of charge.
Word documents can also be digitally signed with the help of the inSign Word add-in. The installation is done directly in the Word programme via “Insert” and “Get Add-ins”. You can find step-by-step instructions and further information in our blog post.
There is both free support and a comprehensive help page for inSign 365 customers. Here, common questions about the application are answered, common use cases are described and there is even the option to download a digital manual.
Was a question not answered? Feel free to contact us! We will take time for you.

Or would you like to get a better idea of inSign first? Take a look at our tutorials.
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