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Electronic signature for digital processes

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E-signature software for digital workflows

In the modern working world, digital signatures are indispensable for secure and efficient business processes.

inSign offers you a legally compliant and proven signature solution quickly facilitating numerous work processes for you.
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  • Sign documents digitally with ease
  • Send documents to sign
  • Obtain authorisations or define reviewer and observer roles
  • Create templates and serial processes
  • Have inSign send automatic reminder emails for you
  • Keep an eye on the status of your documents at all times
  • Look at the audit report in case of ambiguities
  • Use the form editor to add signature fields, checkboxes and text fields

For companies of all sizes

Digital signatures make your processes more flexible & efficient

inSign 365


inSign 365 is ideal for the self-employed, freelancers, small and medium-sized companies looking for a straightforward and legally compliant solution for electronic signatures.

The key advantage of inSign 365:
The web application can be used immediately in everyday work and includes document management and an electronic archive. This means that your signature processes can be fully digitised – from preparing the form to archiving the signed documents.

inSign connect

inSign connect can be integrated directly into your digital workflow via an interface. It is suitable for seamless integration into your existing system landscape or for integration into your software or website.

Offer your contractual partners a fully digital signature workflow.

Feel free to try it out. You can find a public inSign sandbox with documentation and code examples on GitHub .

inSign enterprise

inSign enterprise is our comprehensive solution and can be customised to your company’s individual needs.

Whether on-premises or software as a service – this licence model gives you unlimited possibilities and is seamlessly integrated into your digital process.

Talk to us about your individual wishes and requirements. We look forward to supporting you.
inSign 365inSign connectinSign enterprise
Different signature methods
Name entry via keyboard
Handwritten signature (biometric)
Certificate-based signature (QES)
Audit report
Authenticity check
Form editor
Serial processes
Status notifications
Text modules (SIG tags)
Company stamp
Delegate processes
Authorisation processes
Observe processes
Date of expiry
Two-factor authentication
Offline capable
Own sender address possible
User interface
Document management
Templates for documents
Electronic archive
Native app for signing
Signature via browser
Available in 14 languages
Word Add-in
Support of signature pads
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Customised user settings
Customised system configuration
Customised URL
Free trial
Customised licence models
First level support
Second level support
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We support you in selecting a suitable licence model

Our team is happy to help you find the right tariff and regarding questions about our licence models.

Unique in this combination

Enjoy numerous benefits offered by inSign


Company headquarters and data processing are located within Germany/EU. In addition, independent operation (on-premises) of the Enterprise version in your own data centre is possible.

No account requirement

Your contractual partners can sign the document upon receipt without any detours and without a licence. The recipient of the document does not have to accept the GTC or have their own account in order to sign the document.

Signing methods

With inSign, you choose the right signature type for you and your contractual partners for each signature field: name entry, handwritten or certificate-based signature (qualified electronic signature).

Form editor

The practical helper for preparing your documents. Integrate form elements such as text fields or checkboxes and add signature fields where desired.

Protection against manipulation

Once the first signatory has signed the document, no further changes to the document are possible, i.e. all contracting parties sign the same version of the document (document protection).


If you have any questions or problems, please contact our team directly. There is also a customer help and support area providing instructions, practical examples and FAQ.

Want to go even deeper?

We offer you a strong knowledge base on all aspects of electronic signatures.


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