Ursula Korotwitschka

Ursula has known the signature solution inSign for many years and since December 2022 has worked exclusively in marketing the software. Before that, she was in a large media agency in Munich and optimised her clients‘ use of media ranging from offline such as print or posters to online media.
This is how she would describe herself – in three words:
“Inquisitive, friendly and open-minded”.

What she likes most about marketing:
“Grasping the essence of a service or product and presenting it clearly.”

This is why she is marketing inSign:
“inSign is just extremely likeable as a product. On the one hand, you immediately understand the purpose and obvious benefits. Nevertheless, the longer you work with it, the more amazing it is to get to know all possibilites the solution is offering. I am always happy to see how inSign makes our customers‘ lives easier.”

If you have any questions on inSign electronic signature, please feel free to get in touch with Ursula via Xing or LinkedIn. Alternatively, our support team will be happy to help at service@getinsign.de.