How to sign Word documents with inSign electronically

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  • Post last modified:4. November 2022
Sign Word documents electronically

Electronic signature with
the inSign Word Add-in

Are you familiar with this, too? You have prepared a document in Word and still need a signature. To do this, you must first print out the Word document, take it to the responsible individuals for signature, and then scan and archive it again. This paper-heavy process is just costly, error-prone and cumbersome. We have the solution for that.
With the software inSign any PDF documents and various image formats (JPG, PNG etc.) can be signed electronically. A signature on Microsoft Word documents is also possible. But how can you sign digitally in Word? This requires the inSign Word Add-in. If you have not yet installed this, simply click on “Insert” – “Get Add-Ins” in your Word programme. Then type the word “inSign” in the search box and add it. With the Word Add-in, Word files can be automatically converted into PDF documents and then signed. Proceed as follows:
Conversion from a Word document to a PDF document is necessary in order to be able to use the function Ensure the integrity of the digital signature. In Word, your signed document cannot be protected against subsequent modification. PDF documents are the de facto standard for finished documents such as contracts. Furthermore, PDF documents are generally backwards-compatible This means that older PDF versions can also be opened. Therefore, PDF is the common format for permanent archiving. A PDF, unlike other formats, also offers further advantages, with regard to electronic signatures, such as the document being equally readable on all platforms and certificates and signature details being displayed.
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