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Online signature of
patient admission forms

New patients call your practice and wish to make an appoint­ment. You enter the scheduled date in the calendar and send them a patient ad­mission form via inSign. Patients can then fill in all the fields at home and sign the form electro­nically.

Sign patient information and consent forms electronically

Instead of the usual paper signa­tures, patients can sign consent forms electro­nically. You can make this paper process much quicker and easier by re­placing it with a digital work­flow.

Sign refusal of treatment forms electronically on site

When patients wish to be re­leased from hospital earlier than re­commended by medical staff, they have to sign a form de­claring their refusal of treat­ment. This can be done electro­nically using inSign.

Signing documents electronically

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Electronic signature mobile phone
In a healthcare facility such as a hospital, doctor’s office or nursing service, there’s a lot of paperwork. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Many of the processes that take place on paper can also be completed digitally, even much faster and more conveniently. Digitize your signature processes with inSign and work more efficiently, more flexibly, and more environmentally friendly!

The most important advantages and features:

  • Provable advanced electronic signature
  • Made & Hosted in Germany
  • TÜV certified
  • GDPR and eIDAS compliant
  • Sign documents electronically with or without the app
  • Manage processes and keep track of the status
  • Faster process times, fewer returns
  • Save time and resources while protecting the environment
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