Electronic signature in the
Tourism industry

Ideal for travel agencies, tour operators, hotels and the hospitality industry

Use Cases

Sign booking confirm­ations regardless of location

Signing the booking confirmation has been mandatory for package tours for several years. Thanks to the legally secure electronic signature by inSign, these documents no longer have to be sent by mail when booking online.

Pandemic-related data collection at the restaurant

For contact tracing, the name, address and a signature are required when visiting a restaurant. With inSign, once a form has been created, it can be filled out and signed in­dependently by all guests.

Signatures in commercial hotel booking

With inSign, you can easily sign contracts online when booking hotel rooms for large groups or conferences. This is particularly practical if the contract partner operates in another country. It speeds up the signature process consider­ably and saves you time and postage costs.

Electronic signature mobile phone

Digitally sign everyday documents now

How should a company stand out from numerous competitors? Digital tools can help and provide clear advantages. With the electronic signature solution you will work efficiently and guest-oriented.

The most important advantages and features:

  • Made & Hosted in Germany
  • Sign PDF and Word documents electronically
  • Different signature methods possible in one document
  • Automatically generated audit protocol
  • 100% legally secure, GDPR and eIDAS compliant
  • Audit-proof archive
  • Fewer returns and faster turnaround times
  • Save time, money and resources
  • Increase profitability
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