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Tax advisor benefits of electronic signature

An interview with Dr Volker Runtemund

Tax advisors increasingly appreciate the benefits of an electronic signature solution. This speeds up processes with clients where a signature is required. Tax returns, mandate agreements, powers of attorney and many other documents are typical examples. With an electronic signature solution, such documents no longer have to be printed out and sent by post.
This is also the view of Dr. Runtemund as a tax consultant, lawyer and tax law specialist. Since 2005, he has been a partner in various law firms. Since 2014, he has been working at the current law firm SEIDEL RUNTEMUND + PARTNER with two other partners. The topic of digitalisation is important to him and accompanies him in his daily work. With the introduction of the electronic signature solution inSign, he was able to completely digitalise signature processes.
We conducted an interview with Dr Runtemund and asked him about his experiences with the e-signature inSign. Two factors played a decisive role in the selection of an electronic signature solution. On the one hand, that the signature employs biometric data and, secondly, that it is a German provider. The issue of compliance with existing data protection regulations is indispensable for a tax firm. He uses the digital signature most often for his tax returns. But also for other documents such as annual financial statements and fee agreements inSign is used.
I am very satisfied with the electronic signature solution inSign, as the processes are completed much faster. I really enjoy using inSign on a regular basis and I am convinced that this solution will find its way into ever more law firms in the near future.
Dr. Volker Runtemund
You can find the full interview in the second issue 2021 of the publication neuDenker Magazin – the lifestyle magazine for the tax advisor of tomorrow.
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