Digitisation takes the burden off employees

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Life-Challenge, Digitisation takes the burden off employees

Electronic signature in use at a rehabilitation clinic

Life Challenge is a specialised clinic for the psychological rehabilitation and social reintegration of addicts. With over 50 years of experience, the rehabilitation clinic offers a comprehensive range of therapies, both for first-time treatment as well as relapse treatment for stabilisation and reorientation.
At Fachklinik Life Challenge Fehmarn e.V., an increasing amount of processes are being digitalised, as it saves a lot of costs and is significantly more efficient. Since the beginning of the year, the registered association has also been using the electronic signature solution inSign. In an interview with Gunter Elfner and Esther Ehmke, we learn more about the selection process and the daily processes that use the signature solution.

How did you decide upon a signature provider?

“We identified different providers through an internet search. Then we looked at their products and did interviews.”

What was important to you?

“The provider shall be fully responsible for the signature service, i.e. the IT implementation, the legal issues/security as well as the future-proofing are all the responsibility of the provider.”

What convinced you most about inSign?

“The browser-based use and the very easy integration of the service into our workflows.”

How is inSign used in your specialist clinic?

“We use it primarily to document deposits or withdrawals of client funds from a cash box.”

What has changed since using the solution?

“We save time, paper and can easily store the signed documents in our filing system. Digitisation means that the documents can be viewed from any workplace.”

Why is digitalisation becoming increasingly important in your sector?

“Our industry is very personnel-intensive. That is why we welcome any opportunity to relieve the burden on our staff. Furthermore, digitalisation offers us the alternative of working in a remote manner in administration, so we can utilise additional capacities.”

Would you recommend inSign to other health/care facilities?

“Yes. If paper-based processes are only paper-based because they require a signature, you should consider whether digitisation would not simplify and speed up the process considerably. inSign helps with the cash register management. In other areas of the health system, we recommend the integration of digital signatures into existing software. Maybe a cooperation between inSign and common patient management systems would be possible – this would be great!”

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

“We thank you for your support and patience in the early days.”
Life Challenge

About Life Challenge Fehmarn e.V.

  • Baltic Sea clinic for addiction therapy
  • Work started 50 years ago
  • Completed new clinic building in 2022
  • Main focuses and objectives: Foster the capacity to form relationships, change thought patterns, create spaces for experience and action, deal with questions of identity, meaning and belief
inSign elektronische Unterschrift

About the electronic signature inSign

  • German software solution with servers in Germany
  • High data protection standards, no data transfer to the USA
  • Duty of confidentiality according to § 203 StGB (German Penal Code)
  • Legally secure and verifiable signature
  • Can be used anytime and anywhere
About the author
Christina Detling – Online Marketing Manager
Christina has been working at inSign for over four years and is happy to pass on her knowledge of electronic signatures and digitisation.