Motor vehicle claim? Everyone benefits from digital solutions!

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  • Post last modified:12. September 2023
Motor vehicle claim

Cooperation between the software solutions Dynarex and inSign

DYNAREX software enables motor vehicle experts to carry out their damage appraisals on their tablet or smartphone. It was crucial for DYNAREX to build the technical bridge from the on-site visit to the downstream processing in the office, and to create a mobile office solution.
The professionals for valuation and loss adjustment are supported by inSign, the software solution for legally secure electronic signatures.

The cooperation between the two software solutions Dynarex and inSign lifts the digitisation of the automotive appraisal industry to a new level in terms of quality.

Declarations of assignment must be signed by the client/vehicle owner, for example, for the expert opinion settlement vis-à-vis the insurance company. This process used to involve a lot of manual effort. With the integration of the e-signature inSign, this process is now digitised and completed in a legally secure manner.

The client receives a link to the declaration of assignment by e-mail or SMS and can sign the document digitally and in a legally secure way directly on any touch device. The signed document is automatically filed with the order in DYNAREX.

Dynarex and inSign – the digitisation of an industry

Kooperation - Dynarex und inSign
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Who is behind the Dynarex software?


Motor vehicle experts are the experts for valuation and damage appraisal. Their expertise and experience make them an important authority for the injured party. The assessment of vehicle damage requires extensive calculations and data research. One important aspect is the workflow between the on-site visit and the preparation of the expert opinion in the office. This is where most problems occur. DYNAREX is a cloud-based management solution for motor vehicle claims processing used by insurance companies, expert organisations and freelance motor vehicle experts. In essence, the software supports the user in completing motor vehicle damage assessments and all activities associated with order processing that occur in the office, as well as on the move on a tablet or smartphone.

Our focus is not limited to the expert opinion. We focus on the entire process flow of order processing in the expert’s office. This requires the use of new software solutions. Existing technical and spatial restrictions are thus lifted. DYNAREX offers you simple operation, full application and a high level of security. This gives you the necessary leeway to successfully develop your company further. In DYNAREX, “inSign” is available in the “DYNAREX plus” module.
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Who is behind the software inSign?


The electronic signature with inSign from the company iS2, expert for software development and IT consulting, enables you and your customers to electronically sign, send and manage legally binding documents and forms. Declarations of assignment, NDAs or contracts can be signed quickly and conveniently online or offline. With inSign, no more paper is needed for the transaction, your customer signs directly on their smartphone or tablet. No unnecessary printing and no inefficient sending by post to conclude an agreement or contract. This not only saves time but also unnecessary costs for both contracting parties – and is also much more environmentally friendly.

inSign is already used by many companies in Germany, e.g. including by insurance companies for signing policies. Signing with inSign is legally secure, GDPR- and eIDAS-compliant (eIDAS: EU Regulation on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market).