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Jan Guryca businessman for insurance and finance at Finanzaktiv

An interview with Jan Guryca

Since the beginning of 2020, FINANZAKTIV GmbH has been working with the electronic signature solution inSign. In a short interview, Jan Guryca (former ice hockey player, data protection officer and businessman for insurance and finance) talks about why the software solution inSign won him over and how inSign 365 is used in his company.

How did you go about choosing a signature provider?
Which criteria played an important role?

“I had been looking for a provider that offers a coherent and uncomplicated workflow solution. Here, it was only inSign that was a real contender for me! In addition, the signature had to be accepted by as many insurers as possible. This is also the case with inSign.”

In which areas / processes do you use the electronic signature?

In as many processes as possible. In my case, this would include documentation, application documents, questionnaires.”

What is the most common use case?

“As an insurance broker, I use inSign most often in the application process. For this purpose, I prepare the application documents accordingly and make them available to the customer via inSign. This works extremely well.”

What measures did you take to successfully introduce the new tool?

“None. The tool is self-explanatory, easy to use very popular and is used by the customers.”

What positive changes have you been able to observe so far?
How do your customers react to the electronic signature solution?

“Obtaining the required signatures is far quicker, and signatures cannot be forgotten or overlooked. The customers love inSign and are very happy to accept the digital signature option.”

What do you hope for the future through inSign?

“I hope to see the unrestricted acceptance of digital signatures (e.g. from banking institutions) and innovative solutions that really benefit the user.”

What is your conclusion?

I enjoy working with this e-signature solution and wouldn’t want to do without the process. I would recommend inSign to anyone.”


The company FINANZAKTIV GmbH is a financial service provider from Bad Nauheim with over 27 years of market experience. Private individuals, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises, receive product-independent advice on the topics of insurance, provisions for retirement and wealth accumulation.

About inSign 365

inSign 365 is a web application in the cloud. This is ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as freelancers and the self-employed, because it can be used immediately and without installation.
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