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Branch office of AXA

An interview with Thorsten Brünner

The branch office of AXA – AXA Generalvertretung Thorsten Brünner in the Germany city of Hamm has been using the electronic signature solution inSign since 2020. In a short interview, Mr Brünner (an insurance salesman) explains, among other things, why he chose inSign and the process flow of his most frequent use case.

How did you go about choosing a signature provider, and why did you choose inSign?

“On the recommendation of colleagues, I looked at three options and chose the one that was the most comprehensible and straightforward solution at first glance.

In which processes do you use inSign?

“I use the electronic signature solution for the conclusion of a customer consultation when there are applications, forms and informal correspondence which need to be signed.”

Which of these use cases occurs most frequently? Please describe the process flow in more detail.

“The process of application initiation is the most common application. The process flows as follows:
  • The consultation takes place online or via a telephone call.
  • The applications are submitted either during the consultation or directly at the point of final completion, the PDF files are created using internal software programmes and are saved on the computer.
  • The documents are uploaded one after the other in a single process.
  • The relevant spaces are filled with the necessary signature fields.
  • If required, the signature fields are assigned to different e-mail recipients.
  • The salutation is adjusted, and the process is transferred.
  • As soon as the signature has been confirmed, the process is downloaded and subject to further processing or, depending on the process, simply forwarded to my contractual partner to complete an existing process.”

What measures did you take to successfully introduce the new tool?

“I briefly explained the tool to my staff and did not take any other special measures. It can be integrated into the workflow without any problems. Moreover, it even saves the time of providing the signed documents to the signatory afterwards, as they can be requested and downloaded directly after signing. When the e-signature is used, only a short explanation is required for the customers.”

How do your customers react to the electronic signature solution?

“Clients are enthusiastic about the possibility of signing up for a remote consultation.”

What do you hope for the future through inSign?

“It would be nice if the standard mail could be individually adapted and a more informal version were also available, at least in the short term. It looks a bit silly if the salutation appears informal, but the e-mail’s main text is written much more formally, and then my name appears at the bottom.”

Would you recommend inSign to others?

“I can definitely recommend inSign, because it gives me and my customers legal certainty and those signatures that are required can be obtained easily despite the physical separation. It should also be mentioned that, as a signatory, I can also view the processes on my “normal” computer first and then send the signature fields, for example, by text message to my smartphone”
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