Electronic signature in the
automotive industry

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Use cases

Declarations of intent when purchasing a car

Whenever a vehicle is sold, dealers and customers sign a multitude of documents such as sales and leasing contracts or test drive reservations. Replace all annoying paper processing by efficient digital workflows. Provide inSign contract templates which your customers fill in online and sign digitally. Reduce processing times and save time and paper by using the legally compliant electronic signature.

Declarations of intent in after sales and service

inSign simplifies all car dealerships’ processes not only when purchasing a car but also relating to all their accompanying and subsequent measures. inSign allows customers to comfortably sign quotes, service orders and authorisations on their touch devices both at home and at the car dealer’s.

Electronic signature mobile phone

Sign documents with inSign now

There is hardly anyone who likes doing paperwork. With inSign, signature processes are fun because they are completely digital and can be completed much faster. Our latest evaluations show that the average time to completion of inSign processes is 23 hours and 40 minutes. See for yourself.

The most important advantages and features:

  • Different signature methods possible in one document
  • 100% legally compliant, GDPR and eIDAS compliant
  • Sign in a web browser or with the app
  • Create templates and manage documents
  • Automatically generated audit protocol
  • Software from Germany, hosted in Germany
  • Faster turnaround times, fewer returns
  • Save time, money and resources

Customer report

DYNAREX is a software from OnREX GmbH that allows automotive experts to complete their damage reports on the go on their tablet or smartphone. By integrating the e-signature inSign, professionals are supported during evaluation and damage calculation. For example, declarations of responsibility for the settlement from the insurance company are now signed electronically by the client/vehicle owner with inSign. Read more about DYNAREX…
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