AI and e-signature: Knecon loves digital solutions

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AI and e-signature

With knecon AG into the digital age

“It’s not about collecting as much data as possible, but what you do with the data and how you use it for the company’s success.” This is exactly what knecon AG has specialised in. Knecon has been writing history for 20 years and is an expert for semantic AI solutions. Knecon loves digital tools and therefore no longer signs on paper.

The electronic signature solution inSign accompanies the company in its day-to-day work, in internal and external processes. In an interview, Mr Kammermann (Project Manager) and Ms Mohr (HR Manager) gave us an insight into their day-to-day work with inSign 365 in an interview.

What are the reasons for digitising the signature processes in your company?

“We want to remain competitive. This only works if we can act quickly and agilely. Digital processes including obtaining digital signatures enables us to do this. In a paperless office it makes no sense to print, sign, scan and file contracts. The time savings and the conservation of resources clearly speak in favour of this.”

For which documents do you use inSign?

“We use inSign for all kinds of contracts that we have in our daily business.”

Please describe a typical process flow with inSign.

“The contract is created and uploaded to inSign as a PDF file Individual fields (e.g. date, location, etc.) are defined. These are mandatory fields for us. The signatures are then assigned and the signature sequence is determined. The contract is then sent from inSign to the first signatory. As soon as everyone has signed, I will download the contract and the audit report from inSign and save it in the appropriate place.”

Which signature method do you use most frequently? Are there special regulations for Switzerland?

“We use the handwritten electronic signature (AES). Thanks to inSign we can transnationally and completely cover our needs with a single solution.”
Editor’s note: inSign supports both eIDAS (EU) and ZertES (Switzerland).

Which inSign functions do you use most frequently?

“The signature field and the text field are used most frequently. We don’t use the checkbox and the photo field, or only very little.”

How do you and your contractual partners benefit from the digital solution?

“It is self-explanatory, time-saving and resource-efficient. We and our contractual partners completed everything within a few hours. There are no additional expenses.”

How do you assess the state of digitalisation in Switzerland?

“Research surveys show that the digitalisation potential is not being fully utilised in Switzerland. This also reflects my personal experience.”
We are delighted that knecon has had such positive experiences with inSign and wish them continued success in their work with our signature solution.

About Knecon

  • 20 years of expertise in the development of semantic search
  • 2 locations (Mannheim, Uitikon)
  • Cooperation with companies and governmental authorities from 15 countries
  • Company & Technology is ISO 27001, ISO 27018 and ISO 27038 certified
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About inSign

  • Number 1 signature provider in Germany
  • For the self-employed, SMEs and large companies from various sectors
  • On the market for over ten years
  • Verifiable and legally secure signatures in accordance with eIDAS & ZertES
  • ISO 27001 and TÜV certified
About the author
Christina Detling – Online Marketing Manager
Christina has been working at inSign for over four years and is happy to pass on her knowledge of electronic signatures and digitisation.