Lahn-Kinderkrippen e. V. signs electronically with inSign

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Lahn Kinderkrippen signs electronically

An interview with Alexander Paul (Chairman of the Board)

Lahn-Kinderkrippen is a charitable organisation for nurseries and day-care centres, which has digitised its signature procedures since the middle of the year with inSign. Since then HR documents in particular, such as employment contracts, confirmations, etc., have been signed electronically. We held an interview with Alexander Paul (Chairman of the Board) in which we asked about his experiences using the inSign electronic signature.

Which signature procedures are required for a nursery/day-care centre?

„We handle all of our HR documents using inSign: all appointments (employment contracts, confirmations, etc.) are now only made digitally. As soon as we require a signature in the HR department, this is made using inSign. This allowed us to integrate the signature of the vocational school in an apprenticeship contract ourselves.”

What has impressed you about inSign?

„Simple, quick and very effective.“

What is the most common use case for inSign? Can you describe the procedure in more detail?

Signing employment contracts digitally is our most common use case. Employment contracts are created using a batch printing function and then sent to both the management and the employee using inSign. As soon as the employment contract has been signed, all other documents and/or information is requested (at times also with an inSign signature request).”

What has changed since inSign was introduced at your company?

„We can now perform 99% of HR work digitally. The throughput times for contracts have been drastically reduced since we do not have to wait for documents in the post. In some cases, we were even able to make the appointment on the same day that we internally decided we wanted to appoint that person.“

How happy are you with our support?

„We did not have much contact, but we were happy.“

How happy are you with the range of features offered by inSign?

„We have a few suggestions in that regard:
  • We would like to be able tocontrol the signature fieldsusing the template that is uploaded (e.g. inputting the person who has to sign and the type of signature/registration procedure, etc.) using control fields,
  • and furnish check boxes with compulsory options.“

Would you recommend our electronic signature solution to other day-care centres?

„The “Mainkrokodile GmbH” organisation is already using inSign based on our recommendation. We are now actively recommending the solution.“

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About Lahn-Kinderkrippen

  • Charitable organisation for nurseries and day-care centres
  • Founded in 2007 by active parents who want to improve the work-life balance of many other parents
  • There are currently 12 nurseries and day-care centres in the Limburg-Weilburg district
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