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The electronic signature inSign is part of the TrustITBox

The electronic signature inSign
is part of the TrustITBox

PBM Personal Business Machine AG (PBM) is a Cologne-based InsurTech company. At the heart of the technology is the PBM platform. Based on this, innovative solutions for effective B2X communication are created, from customer-friendly individual communication to personalised mass communication:
  • TrustITBox – Intuitive messenger for GDPR-compliant individual communication
  • PBM Customer Journeys – Personalised customer experience in all contact moments
  • Campaign platform – Sales partner cockpit for handling and controlling personalised campaigns
The PBM platform allows the personalisation of all media formats across all channels from a single source. Using PBM technology, the customer approach can be effectively emotionalised. The result is customer communication with excellent conversion rates.

Now, the company has successfully integrated our software inSign into the TrustITBox. Customers can now provide a signature within the TrustITBox. This provides even more convenience.
After the integration of e-signature into the TrustITBox, we interviewed Dustin Lichey (Strategic Account & Relationship Manager – PBM) and Sarah Reudenbach (Online Marketing & PR – PBM) and asked them about their experiences with inSign.

What convinced you to integrate inSign into your workflows?

Through its partnership with iS2, PBM is serving the demand for a user-friendly, legally binding signature solution in the inventory of the PBM platform and opens up whole new areas of application. By using PBM TrustITBox in conjunction with inSign, the entire sales process for insurance policies can now be mapped digitally – from individual contract initiation to the IDD-structured closing process. Of course, the advanced electronic signatures in inSign are legally binding and verifiable according to eIDAS and IDD. inSign is, furthermore, the ideal extension for our PBM products as iS2 and PBM share common basic principles:

How long did it take to integrate the product?

The integration of inSign was uncomplicated. The inSign API is powerful and sufficiently documented. The setup of the PBM entity by iS2 was both fast and professional.

How is the TrustITBox with the “sign electronically” function being received by customers?

The demand for digital guidance solutions is higher than ever before. Customer behaviour and expectations vis-a-vis insurance sales operations have seen a permanent change.

With the PBM TrustITBox, sales professionals can conduct digital consultations with their clients and exchange pre-contractual documents, as well as document and archive the entire consultation process. Customers do not need an app for this; even the complex registration in a portal is not necessary. The customer only needs an e-mail address and a mobile phone number and can log in to the TrustITBox at any time from any browser-enabled device – regardless of whether it is a PC, smartphone or tablet.
The combination of easy customer access and intuitive operation enables brokers and agents to be close to the customer at all times without having to be physically on-site. The time saved in this way can be invested in expanding existing customer relationships or acquiring new customers. With the full integration of inSign, PBM now enables an IDD structured closing process according to IDD. The feature was immediately met with great interest from PBM’s clientele and saw pre-orders from well-known insurance and brokerage companies even before the technical implementation was completed. Customers particularly appreciated the seamless integration, as well as the simple operation and extensive functions underpinning the perfect interaction of both solutions.

What else are you planning in terms of digitalisation in the near future?

Advisory excellence remains a key success factor even in the age of digitisation in insurance sales operations. Digitalisation shortens distances and brings people closer together. Excellent advice on digital channels increases customer loyalty and opens up the opportunity to expand your own customer base. However, this requires robust strategies and in-depth knowledge of the common tools and formats. PBM is part of a consortium that covers all the important building blocks for making insurance sales operations digitally fit for the future. This includes:
  • training and coaching on the topic of online video consultation,
  • a content and marketing set,
  • the PBM TrustItBox which offers a GDPR-compliant messenger service for secure exchange and digital closing,
  • personalised quick-win existing customer campaigns through the PBM platform.
In particular, the personalised quick-win existing customer campaigns help insurance sales operations to understand the needs of their own customers and to generate noticeable added value with the customer by offering the appropriate products.

Your conclusion about inSign?

inSign is a powerful solution that enables the application of PBM technology in completely new use cases. We particularly appreciate the iS2’s many years of industry experience coupled with technological know-how and methodological expertise and look forward to a promising partnership.
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PBM Personal Business Machine AG was founded in 2016 as a spin-off from the digital agency .dotkomm. Since then, the InsurTech company has celebrated a number of great successes, such as the Eisenhut Award in 2017 or the German Brand Award in 2018. In addition, PBM participated in the Accelerator Programme in 2019 and was selected in the “Growth” category. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, PBM is now launching the “Digital Rescue Programme” for insurance sales operations. Among other things, this includes the TrustITBox. This enables companies to exchange messages, data and files via a secure communication channel. Now, the e-signature rounds off the TrustITBox in perfect fashion. From now on, the legally secure signing of documents is possible directly in the TrustITBox through the integration of inSign. Click here for the press release (available only in German).
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We are proud of our proprietary software solution inSign. It enables a legally secure signing process regardless of time and place and, of course, it complies with GDPR and eIDAS. In the meantime, inSign has become the market leader in the insurance industry but can also be used in all industries and sectors without exception.
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Christina has been working at inSign for over four years and is happy to pass on her knowledge of electronic signatures and digitisation.