The end of the Sisyphus effect

The end of the Sisyphus effect

With inSign, Idiligo quickly achieves the legally-compliant conclusion

As the old saying goes, everything’s better in pairs. The fact that this truism naturally has a kernel of truth is also confirmed in IT software projects. The company Idiligo B.V. launched a project with established software specialist & IT service provider iS2 AG in 2018. Idiligo is known for its innovative script-based application for online meetings. With the help of inSign, the electronic signature, Idiligo has been able to perfect the customer process.

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Even the best processes and lines of argumentation all too often fall short due to a failure to conclude a contract directly (and with the legally-binding signature) with the customer.
An end to this torment is in sight. Those employees who advise their customers online, who go to great lengths to offer tailor-made offers or individual, custom-fit products, know a thing or two about this familiar phenomenon: Often, online meetings end in nirvana because the immediate conclusion cannot take place.
Until now, this process gap was filled with information and contract documents that had to be sent to the customers. Repeated follow-ups, subsequent phone calls (annoying for both sides) and, finally, a failure to commit by customers who were already on board – were just some of the consequences.

The perfect division of labour leads to success

Why does the combination of legally secure electronic signature with inSign from iS2 AG and script-based online processes from Idiligo work so well?

Idiligo justifies the decision to integrate inSign with these words: „We decided to use iS2’s digital signature because, on the one hand, the process is extremely simple, but still delivers a high level of quality and legally compliant signatures.“

This is obvious, as both components offer identical performance features:
  • Platform-independent service
  • Pre-packaged performance features, freely combinable with individually created components
  • Simple handling combined with clear user guidance
  • Legal security and “all-in-one” philosophy

inSign and Idiligo – Two of a Pair

inSign, the electronic signature software with a multitude of application possibilities, complements Idiligo to perfection.

Idiligo provides scripts for a variety of features that are needed in online consultation and sales processes across industries. The possibility to either use pre-packaged standard scripts or to compile one’s own individual meeting procedures ensures that companies can perfectly provide process guidelines for online meetings.

inSign offers the congenial closing element; it is also platform-neutral and device-independent. inSign offers a simple but optimised workflow that guarantees users orientation and targeting.

And, last but not least, inSign also offers the possibility of processing documents that are pre-packaged to varying degrees. Features such as “most poor man’s method” allow electronic signatures to be added to documents that do not provide corresponding fields in their initial state. The signature fields are inserted into the document by inSign as required.
Frank Korthouwer Idiligo

Frank J. Korthouwer, Managing Director of Idiligo puts it this way:

"inSign is the perfect complementary feature for Idiligo as it makes structured online meetings even more efficient. Digital signatures make it possible to sign legally binding contracts during the online meeting. This saves time and increases completion rates enormously.“

It works! – The customers have the floor

This is not merely an assertion, but rather customer opinion. This is because, in the end, success is measured by quotas and conversion rates with end customers. KiKxxl, a communication service provider and key customer of Idiligo, provides the following feedback after a successful test phase:

„With the implementation of Idiligo in our B2B outbound and inbound sales teams, we have gained decisive advantages in our business. The complex contracts can be gone through point by point with the client during an online contract meeting.”

“Through the Idiligo script, the salesperson guides the client through the session securely and easily. Once the digital signature has been provided, the completed documents are immediately available to the salesperson and the customer .“

Well-rounded processes do not only please the end customers

For all parties involved, the connection of inSign to the Idiligo app has proven to be a success factor. The technical implementation was surprisingly unspectacular and required only minimal project effort to coordinate individual issues and configurations.
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Ursula Korotwitschka – Marketing Specialist
Ursula has been working for many years on all aspects of electronic signatures and how smart software can make everyday work easier.