The automotive industry is streamlining its processes

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  • Post last modified:4. November 2022
The automotive industry is streamlining its processes

92 per cent of the car dealers surveyed are in favour of electronic signatures

The car trade is one of the sectors hit hardest by Corona. After suffering a slowdown from full speed and eventually coming to a complete standstill, manufacturers and dealers must now revive the business quickly and sustainably. They are looking for ways to streamline their operations and improve the customer experience. One important building block for this is the digitisation of the sales processes. So far, salespeople obtain up to a dozen or more signatures from their customers on paper during a typical sale.
This approach is not only time-consuming and inefficient, but also out of step with the need to protect the environment and conserve resources. In a survey which we conducted with our partner Pixelconcept covering 100 car dealerships, the vast majority of those dealers surveyed wanted to be able to collect signatures electronically in the future. Only 8% want to remain loyal to the paper-based approach. When it comes to the desire for electronic signatures, the following processes enjoy a particular focus among traders:
In addition to sales, there are also, for example, many possibilities in after sales for the use of electronic signatures, e.g. in the workshop business.

From the cost-effective single-user application to the customised enterprise application with interface access, inSign offers the right solution for every requirement in the car trade. The e-signature inSign complies with the regulations of the eIDAS Regulation and is also compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation.
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Pixelconcept develops and distributes the software “Automanager” for the vehicle trade. The Pixelconcept software optimises the entire vehicle sales process, from acceptance, price assessment and preparation, through marketing, sale and handover, to subsequent after-sales processes (accessory sales, workshop appointments, etc.). The software is offered to the vehicle trade in various versions. In the course of expanding its service offer to dealers, Pixelconcept has integrated the software inSign into Automanager for the electronic signature process. Further information at
If you would like to learn more about specific use cases of inSign in the automotive industry, you can read about them here: inSign in the automotive industry. You can find more information about our e-signature at