Positive feedback from the Spandau 1860 e.V. gymnastics and sports club

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  • Post last modified:15. November 2022
Gymnastics and sports club Spandau 1860 e.V. use inSign

An interview with Carsten Weber (sports delegate and member of the board)

TSV Spandau 1860 is Spandau’s oldest and largest sports club. It currently offers 23 different sports to more than 3,200 members. The inSign software solution has been used there for the past six months to digitise signing processes. We held an interview with sports delegate and member of the board Carsten Weber, and gained a lot of interesting insights.

How did you decide upon a signature provider? Which criteria played an important role?

„I already worked with inSign as part of my job, which is why I also decided to implement it at the club. For me, it was important that it was easy to use.“

In which areas/processes do you implement inSign?

„We embed inSign on our homepage in the form of a weblink so that new members can join, in the knowledge that their data is safe.“

What is the most common use case? Can you describe the process in more detail?

„Along with the weblink for new membership applications, we use inSign individually if a member of the board is not on site to provide their signature. If necessary, the relevant form can then be converted into a PDF and the signature field generated using inSign. This is also the case when a coach has to sign their professional service invoice, for example. This saves time and also enables contactless signatures in the time of pandemics.“

Which methods have you adopted for using the new tool successfully?

„We have made our member application writeable and saved it on our site as a weblink.“

Which positive changes have you observed so far? How do your customers react to the electronic signature solution?

„The resonance is positive, and shows that, as a club, we are moving with the times. In future, we want to reduce the amount of paper we use and process the procedures digitally.“

What do you do once the document has finished being signed?

„The document is digitally stored in the respective member’s personal database together with the automatically generated audit report.“

What are your hopes for the future with inSign?

„We hope that inSign will result in an increasing number of electronically completed applications, which are completely filled out with mandatory fields and can be found immediately for later inquiries. And that we will not have to search through the cellar for files…“

Which conclusion have you reached?

„inSign supports us in membership administration, reduces paper consumption, saves the time and energy required to obtain a signature from a member of the board or a trainer.“
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About TSV Spandau 1860 e.V.

  • Spandau’s oldest and largest sports club
  • Founded on 29 August 1860
  • 23 different sports
  • Over 100 training and practice groups
  • Approx. 200 trainers
  • 3,200 current members
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About inSign

  • A product from iS2 AG
  • Software Made & Hosted in Germany
  • Different signature types (AES, QES)
  • Compliant and legal in line with the eIDAS norm
  • Over ten million users
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