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PRO IMMOSERVICE GmbH has been using the inSign electronic signature since the start of the year. This has made it much quicker and easier to arrange signature processes with a large number of participants. Instead of waiting two weeks for a signature, it now takes a maximum of two hours. We held an interview with Thorsten Mahlfeldt and gained some exciting insights.

Why did you choose inSign?

„We started our search for a solution for digital signing processes at the end of 2021 so that we could obtain signatures more efficiently. It goes without saying that we scoured the market and compared a number of different suppliers.

We settled on the solution from inSign because we were impressed by features such as “Sign on glass”, “Touch-device recognition’”and the intuitive user interface. For us, it was also of vital importance that we only used servers located in Germany. There is a high-performance interface for standard processes which can be used without prior knowledge of programming. We also rated the transparent pricing. “

In which processes do you implement inSign?

„Since we operate in the property management sector, we write a large number of rental contracts, landlord confirmations, lessor confirmations, acceptance and transfer processes every month. All of these require one or more signatures. In the field of property management, records of meetings have to be signed by around six people – this used to cost us a lot in both time and postal charges. Now the workload has been reduced to just a few minutes. Since the system is very flexible and easy to use – it basically set itself up – internal signatures from managers can also be requested using inSign.“

Which features do you use most often?

„We mostly use the interface that works using so-called SIG tags (text modules for form fields in MS Word) and does not require any knowledge of programming. This already enables us to complete our documents and contracts with signature fields AND the email addresses of the tenant and employees without having to intervene manually. This makes uploading documents to the portal using the inSign add-in for Microsoft Word child’s play.“

How was the implementation of the new tool?

„Dead easy! Once the account had been set up, we were instructed by Support, which meant that we were able to draw up the first contracts in no time at all.“

How have your working methods changed since then?

„The process of obtaining a signature has been slimmed down considerably. There is no more waiting endlessly for business partners to sign. We no longer hear “I still need a signature….” thanks to inSign. All parties – whether tenants or business partners – appreciate our changeover to inSign. Everyone knows how they should proceed with the signature with no need for further explanation – in practice, this has reduced the workload enormously.

In concrete terms: it often used to take one or two weeks before the signed documents arrived back at the office – thanks to inSign, it now only takes one or two hours!“

How happy are you with the inSign Support?

„100% happy. Ms Welser from the Support team provides competent further assistance in all areas and offers support whenever questions arise. That is what good support should be.“

Would you recommend inSign to others?

„Definitely! Due to the very easy handling of both the portal and the add-in for Microsoft Word, inSign has become an integral part of our daily operations.“
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PRO IMMOSERVICE GmbH supports tenants in all matters with well thought-out rental management and a service package. It offers flats in a range of locations, which are divided into the following categories:
  • Students: Furnished flats for students
  • Professionals: Furnished flats for short business trips
  • Living: One- to four-room flats for new life phases
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About the inSign electronic signature

inSign is a product of iS2 Intelligent Solution Services AG. The electronic signature solution makes it possible to sign documents quickly and easily in a fully digital fashion, regardless of time or location. The software is developed and hosted in Germany. The USPs include, among other things:
  • High data protection standards
  • Different signatures in line with eIDAS
  • Protection against document alteration
You can find further USPs here. If we have piqued your interest, you can easily try our software solution or free.
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